8 Best Grain Free Cat Foods of 2021

In this article we review the best grain free cat foods of 2021.

You can get your cat the best grain free cat food for a healthy body and mind. This can help it evolve into the best version of itself. The food you give matters a lot because it affects the overall wellness of the cat more than just its body. Choosing a grain-free alternative will make your cat thank you. This is because cats do not need any extra grains in their system. They can live and perform better without them.

Cats prefer a small amount of protein and some minerals and other nutrients over grains. Grains can sicken some cats and thus should be avoided. Plus, if you want to make your pet even healthier you can invest in some naturally and minimally processed options. We have included some of all in this review set for you. These are going to help you find the best grain-free cat foods of 2021 effectively.

The reviews have been created based on what pet lovers love. We have used the best-rated options only. This is because you and your cat deserve the best of the best choices only. You can use this guide to select a handful of options and give them to your cat to help it pick up the missed nutrition slack. These can help in making the cat much more powerful, healthier and smarter.

One of the best options in this set of best grain-free cat food is the Blue Buffalo Wilderness choice. This one is a great-tasting option. This is because even though it does not have any extra additives and fake flavors in it, it still tastes good to the pet. This is a grain-free option. It does not use any starting colors to make it look good. The cats are attracted to its flavor and as well as its fragrance.

Best Grain Free Cat Foods of 2021

Best Grain-Free Cat Food

If you want a quick overview of the top-rated choices of the best grain-free cat food, then you should look into this table. This can help you find the perfect one at a glance. If you want more details and greater analysis then you can get to the reviews below for more.

 Grain Free FoodGood ForPrice
Taste of the WildTaste of the WildTastes delicious, natural ingredients, preservative free Check Price
Blue Buffalo WildernessAnti oxidants, great for fur, allows energetic cats Check Price
Purina Pro Plan NaturalPurina Pro Plan NaturalNatural and plan based, great for agility Check Price
Purina ONE Tender Selects Blend Adult Dry Cat FoodPurina ONE NaturalNatural, wet cat food, great for muscles Check Price
Wellness Core Natural Grain FreeWellness Core Natural Grain FreeDry cat food, chicken and turkey flavored, great for indoor cats Check Price
Best Feline Friend (B.F.F.)Best Feline Friend (B.F.F.)


Great for fur, helps in agility, gives energy to the cat Check Price
Best Feline Friend (B.F.F.)Merrick Purrfect Bistro


Tastes delicious, free of chemicals Check Price
Merrick Purrfect BistroNatural Balance L.I.D.


Natural plan-based diet, rich in protein and antioxidants Check Price
Natural Balance L.I.D.Blue Buffalo FreedomGreat for fur, helps in agility, gives energy to the cat Check Price

Best Grain-free Cat Food Reviews

So, for greater insight, pros, cons, and the verdict on each one, we can head into these comprehensive reviews of the best grain-free cat food. These are neutral. There is no bias. We have only picked the ones that are loved by pet owners worldwide. So without further ado, let’s get into these.

Taste of the Wild

Taste of the Wild

Taste of the wild is a High protein premium quality dry cat food. It is a grain-free product, made up of real meat.

The main ingredients of this dry food are smoked salmon and roasted venison. Sufficient amounts of amino acids are used in the recipe. It is a high-quality food rich in proteins that are beneficial for the cat’s strong and lean muscles.

Vegetables and fruits rich in vitamins and minerals are used in the preparation of this food. It is rich in antioxidants. It is one of the best superfoods, and healthy for the cat’s fur and skin.

Ingredients used in the formation of recipes are bought from trustworthy companies and suppliers around the world. This dry food is free from grains, fillers,  corn, soy, and wheat. No food preservatives, artificial colors, and flavors are used in its preparation.

Highly digestible nutrients and probiotics are used for the well being of the gastrointestinal tract. This product is a USA brand. It is a family run business. The food prepared by the company is scientifically advanced food and ensures safety protocols.

  • Adequate amounts of amino acids and proteins used in the food help in strong muscles.
  • The ingredients are rich in antioxidants.
  • No artificial colors and preservatives are added to the food.
  • Food does not have artificial colors, so it will not be eye-catching for the cat.


It is one of the best dry foods for cats, as it ensures good health, strong bones, and safety of gastrointestinal tract.

Blue Buffalo Wilderness

Blue Buffalo Wilderness

Blue Buffalo Wilderness is a high protein dry cat food. It is a grain-free high protein food for adult cats.

The food is prepared with cats’ favorite real chicken. It is made with high proteins that are helpful in building and maintaining lean muscle mass.

It is grain-free cat food. Peas and sweet potatoes are used as healthy carbohydrates which help in keeping the cat active. The omega 3s and omega 6s are used as fatty acids for healthy fur and skin. There are 3832 Kcals/kg or 443 Kcal/cup.

The recipe is based on a formula containing life source bits. It is a combination of minerals, vitamins, and antioxidants. These are selected by veterinarians for overall immune system health and an excellent oxidative balance.

Blue buffalo wilderness is natural cat food. It is best for adult cat health. The formula does not contain chicken or by-product meals. Artificial flavors and colors, preservatives, soy, corn, and wheat are also not used in its preparation.

  • Carbohydrates rich food.
  • Keeps the immune system healthy and strong.
  • Not a wheat based choice


It is one of the best foods for adult cats, as it is rich in carbohydrates as well as proteins and it is a grain-free food good for the nourishment of cat.

Purina Pro Plan Natural

Purina Pro Plan Natural

Purina Pro Plan is a natural and grain-free Wet cat food. True nature liver and chicken are used in its preparation. It comes in the packing of 24 pull-top cans, each is  3 oz.

This wet food is prepared with high protein contents using real chicken and liver. It helps in supporting sharp reflexes, great focus and remarkable agility. It is a high protein food excellent for energy and lean muscle strength. It also keeps the cat active, energetic and strong. It is purely a balanced and nutritional food. It can improve the gut health of your cat and reduce bloating.

  • Natural food for the cat.
  • A balanced meal with an adequate amount of proteins.
  • The food is lacking in carbohydrates, which are also essential for cat well being.


If you are looking for a complete and highly nutritive wet food for your cat, then Purina pro plan is the best option to go for. This will make sure that your cat is energetic round the year. It is one of the most natural ones out there.


Purina ONE Natural

Purina ONE Natural

Purina one natural is grain-free dry cat food. It contains real chicken. It comes in 14.4-pound bag packing.

One of the main ingredients used in its preparation is real chicken. This is a cat’s favorite kind of meal. It is natural and clean from chemicals. The recipe is a mix of crispy as well as tender bites of chicken. These meaty pieces add texture and variety in the food.

It is made up of a natural, grain-free recipe. Corn, soy and wheat are not used in it. These can bloat your cats so stay away from them. The Purina one natural is free from artificial flavors and colors. No preservatives are added into the mixture. There are no sick poultry by-products used in the formula. It is a filler-free recipe. It will not make your cat bloat up.

The ingredients used in the formula are all high quality and premium.

  • Combination of tender and crunchy chunks
  • It’s a filler-free, grain-free and preservatives free food
  • Comes in a big pack


If you are highly concerned about your cat’s health and desire for 100% satisfaction in every meal, then Purina one natural is good food to buy.

Wellness Core Natural Grain Free

Wellness Core Natural Grain Free

Wellness core natural grain-free dry cat food is another unique choice among the grain-free best-selling cat food. Cats love it, pet owners love it and vets love it too. This one has a chicken and turkey flavor.

This is a Protein-Rich cat mix. It is dry. The cat will be able to feel the real taste. This is because it is made out of deboned Chicken, and Turkey Meal. This contains very low fats so it will not bloat your cat. This also contains omega fatty acids help in nourishing skin and the fur coat of your cat.

Wellness core natural grain-free dry cat food does not contain any Wheat. It does not have any Meat By-Products. There are no Artificial Colors, additives, preservatives or flavors in it either. You can use it with the cat’s regular food or as a snack. It includes many Antioxidants, Vitamins, And Probiotics. This is a very healthy choice. It will keep your cat satisfied for a long time.

  • Wellness core natural grain-free dry cat food is natural
  • It is free from preservatives and flavors
  • It tastes good anyway
  • Comes in a non-vegan flavor


Wellness core natural grain-free dry cat food is a great choice for your cat if you want to give it something that is natural and healthy. This is a delicious and fancy choice.

Best Feline Friend (B.F.F.)

Best Feline Friend (B.F.F.)

If you are looking for the best cat food, then here comes a good option. Best Feline Friend (B.F.F) is grain-free cat food and a product of the Weruva brand. The top ingredients used are tuna and salmon and it comes in a pack of 24, each can is 5.5-ounce packing.

It consists of skipjack tuna. It is a small red meat fish and is one of the favorite foods of cats.
It is minimally processed. It is grain-free, gluten-free, No Msgs, GMOs or artificial preservatives and colors are used in it. It is free of wheat, corn, and soy.

B.F.F is balanced and complete food for adult maintenance. It is fortified with vitamins, antioxidants, and minerals. The food is low in magnesium, ash, and phosphorus. It is prepared with adequate moisture levels to maintain the healthy urinary tract of cats.

This product is highly stainable and is prepared in human food facilities, according to the Global standards for food. It is the best food for your cat. Weruva is a cat food brand. It is a family-owned company, operated by pet lovers.

  • Easily available
  • It does not cause any allergy as it is minimally processing.
  • No preparation required it’s ready to serve your beloved cat.
  • This is a wet choice


It is highly recommended for cats as it is gluten-free and no harmful ingredients, artificial color, and preservatives are used in its preparation.

Blue Buffalo Freedom

Best Feline Friend (B.F.F.)

Blue Buffalo Freedom is a grain-free natural dry food for indoor adult cats. The main ingredient used in its recipe is whitefish. This is dry cat food prepared with superior quality ingredients. It is gluten-free, so harmless for your feline friend.

Blue freedom cat food recipe is designed especially for indoor cats, keeping in mind their food requirements, including natural fiber and balanced calories for healthy digestion and maintaining healthy body weight.

Blue freedom cat food is made up of using the formula Life source Bits, which is an exclusive blend of vitamins, antioxidants, and minerals. It is the best recommended by nutritionists and veterinarians for healthy oxidative balance and maintaining a good immune system.

This is natural dry cat food, specially formulated for adult cat good health. It is made up of the finest natural ingredients and is free from chicken by-products and other additives. Things like soy, corn, wheat, preservatives, and artificial flavors are used by others, but not this.

  • It is prepared with whitefish and other quality ingredients, best liked by indoor cats.
  • It is free of preservatives and other bad stuff.
  • It is made up of natural fibers good enough for your cat health.
  • There are no added flavors into the food.


If you love your cat more than anything, you select Blue freedom because it contains whitefish, which is a cats most favorite ingredient.

Merrick Purrfect Bistro

Merrick Purrfect Bistro

Merrick Purrfect Bistro is gluten-free dry cat food. It is made up of salmon and sweet potato as the main ingredient. Premium quality Boneless salmon is used in its formulation. It is enriched with Omega fatty acids, which are good for a cat’s healthy fur and skin.

The recipe is free from gluten, grain, preservatives, artificial flavors, and colors. The natural fiber is added into the recipe for a good hairball. Minerals, antioxidants, vitamins, and probiotics are also fortified in the food.

This product is made up of the USA. Merrick Purrfect Bistro is purely grain-free, thus, it is highly digestible. It is high in Omega 3s and Omega 6s which keep cats skin and fur extra soft.

This brand recommends a combination of canned formula and purrfect bistro dry for moisture content, high protein, and a healthy diet. It also balances the fat and carbohydrate levels.

Cats flourish well on a grain-free food, high in qualitative protein and adequate levels of fats and carbohydrates. So, Merrick purrfect bistro food formula provides balanced nutrition with natural ingredients. This food is perfect for adult cats as it focuses on the complete well being of a cat.


  • Made up with natural ingredients only.
  • Good for fur, skin and overall health of cats.
  • This is not a chicken-flavored mixture


If you are too concerned about the overall health, fluffy skin and fur of your cat, then you must choose Merrick Purrfect Bistro Dry food, as it is rich in Omega 3s and Omega 6s.

Natural Balance L.I.D.

Natural Balance L.I.D.

Natural balance is dry cat food. It is made up of salmon and green peas. It is a grain-free diet source. You can use it to keep your cat healthy, active and satisfied during the day and when it is asleep. Your cat will not swell up after eating this. Indoor cats love this. This is a great dry alternative to wet cat food. This is a larger set of cat food so you can save a lot.

It contains carbohydrates and protein. You can feed your cat the vegetable nutrients without forcing it to eat them. The cat can be satisfied with this even though it contains a single animal protein source. The food has a Salmon protein. This helps in building small muscles.

The premium protein source can help in making it a delicious journey for your cat and you to have this in your home. This also contains all the essential amino acids that are required for your cat for digestion and building very strong muscles. It can also help in building a healthy, shiny coat.

It is a way to make sure that your pet is safe. It does not have fillers that have no nutrition, only mass. There are no potatoes, corn, wheat, or soy that will make your cat fat in this. It is a healthy and potent choice.

  • Has lots of protein
  • Contains real salmon
  • Delicious in taste
  • This is not a vegan choice


If you want your cat to have a healthy gut then this is perfect.

Buying guide

If you want a cat food that helps your cat in staying active energized and fancy looking then you need grain-free cat food. This means that you need a healthy choice. A healthy choice helps in making an active and fresh cat with perfect bone and muscle health. This is what every pet owner wants. Here are some tips and a buying guide to help you choose a few options for your collection of the best grain free cat foods of 2021 when needed:


You should always keep in mind that artificial flavor is not healthy. However, if the cat food has no flavor in it the cat will not eat it. This is why you need to choose naturally flavored items. These do not have any unreal flavors, only the natural taste of the ingredients.

Natural Ingredients

Natural ingredients also mean only natural items are used. There is no need to use poor quality mixes for cat food that have like fake chicken or synthetic nonedible plastic-like items.

Type of Cat food

Some cat food is dry. The other is wet. Some cats like dry mixes better. Others like wet ones better. You need to know which one you want to give to your cat.

Vegan or not

If you want a vegan choice you can have it. There is nothing wrong with it. As long as your cat likes the taste and the flavor of it. This can be used as a healthy way to stay fit and keep your cat fit.

Nutritional Value

You can also look at the kind of nutrition in your cat food. This means that you need to make sure that your cat is enjoying a healthy and proper diet with rich fatty acids, antioxidants, and proteins.

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