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Hi. I’m Trevor, and the guy who heads up Catfoodsadvisor.com. My wife (Cathy) and I live in Western Australia. We are avid pet parents to numerous pets and also to seven crazy kids… and one grandchild! Check us out in the photo. I love adventuring, kitesurfing, gardening and collecting pets. Would you believe our family lived eight years on a remote tropical island?

Our journey with offering information to cat owners began recently. Our Team consists Cathy, myself and guest writers who help us with researching and writing our articles.

What We Do

Catfoodsadvisor.com provides comprehensive reviews on selected cat products to help cat owners with purchasing products for their cats. We offer buying guides to inform readers about what they need to know before buying. Our site has buying guides and reviews on dry and wet cat foods, cat litter boxes, cat chew toys and cat trees.

We also provide information about cats in general, providing researched answers to the many questions cat owners ask.

We review products from Amazon and other Pet Companies. If you do decide to purchase a product we have reviewed we do receive a commission. This commission is paid by Amazon, not by you.

We hope you find our site useful. Thank you for visiting Catfoodsadvisor.com. We welcome comments or questions from viewers.

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