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The team behind Cat Food Advisor .com devote time to researching cat nutrition and looking at the many different brands and products on the market- assessing their merits and flaws.

What We Do for Our Audience

Best Kitten Dry Food 2021Our Ultimate Buyers’ Guides help consumers with making informed decisions.

Our Comprehensive Product Reviews summarize the pros and cons of many of the major commercial cat food brands.

We Answer Questions Our Readers have around all things Cat Food and cats in general.

Lastly, our research stretches beyond best dry cat foods. We also provide our readers with Information and Reviews on Cat Accessories, such as kitty litter, cat chew toys, cat trees, and automatic cat feeders.

Our team invites you to be part of our community and use our website as a helpful resource for supporting you and your feline pets with all their nutrition needs.

Who Are We- The Cat Food Advisor Team?

Cat Foods Advisor Trevor HowittCathy and I (Trevor) head-up a passionate family of nine, with a love for cats and all animals. We live in country Western Australia by the seaside. Our journey with blogging is a recent endeavor. We have learnt so much about building a website that viewers will find beneficial.

Our research into cat nutrition has been fascinating and a most enjoyable experience! We love sharing what we have learnt with other people to help them with their pets.

We also enlist others to help us with researching viewer questions and with writing articles.

Come and meet us in our About Us page.

Introducing Cat Food Advisor’s 5 Core Areas:


1. Dry Cat Food Buyer’s Guide: Important Things to Consider 

top dry cat foods of 2021To help your special feline live a lifetime of health and wellness, understanding the important things to look for in a quality dry cat food can make all the difference. Read our Buyers’ Guide to learn what makes a top dry cat food of 2023.

Paying careful attention to what you put in your cat’s food bowl will not only keep them looking in top condition, but feeling awesome too! Feeding your cat premium nutrition could be seen as a form of preventative medicine, potentially saving your cat from future illnesses, and helping it live a long and happy life.

Read ‘Dry Food Buyers’ Guide’ HERE.

2. Ultimate Guide to the Best Wet Cat Foods of 2023

Best Wet Cat Foods of 2021Our team has investigated and reviewed the best wet cat foods of 2023 products available in the market place and have created comprehensive Product Reviews, pointing out all the pros and cons. You can find our product reviews listed below.

We have presented a Buyer’s Guide in this article to help cat owners understand what to look for in a quality wet food for their cat.

Read the full ‘Guide to the Best Wet Cat Food’ HERE.


3. Ultimate Kitten Food Buyer’s Guide- Best Kitten Foods 2023

Best Kitten Foods 2021Before buying a commercial kitten food, we recommend you first view our guide which identifies what to look for in a quality kitten food and what to avoid. We point out what a food requires to make it to the best kitten food list of 2022.

We provide comprehensive kitten food product reviews and articles answering the many questions our viewers have about kittens.

Read  the ‘Ultimate Kitten Food Buyers’ Guide HERE.


4. Helping Cat Owners with Information They Need When Buying Cat Accessories.

Cat EquipmentIt is important that owners of a newly adopted cat ensure their pet feels loved, safe and content when they arrive to their new forever home. Having investigated the range of cat gear available to accommodate felines into their human family homes, our Team is set to address the frequently asked cat equipment questions.

We inform cat owners on the features, pros, and cons of cat gear. We do this by providing our viewers comprehensive Buyer Guides and Product Reviews.

Read ‘Guides and Reviews on Cat Equipment’ HERE.


5. Comprehensive articles on Cat Health

Feline health and diet

Having a healthy cat is every pet owner’s wish. Feline health and diet are interrelated.

By ensuring your pet gets the very best nutrition suited to an obligate carnivore will reduce health afflictions. Doing so will ensure it receives what it needs for optimal growth and energy, whilst supporting a strong immune system.

Check out our articles on Cat Health and Diet HERE.


6. Articles on ‘All Things’ Cats

Dooradar Cat Leash and Harness SetIn the beginning, we wanted to help pet owners with making choices with sourcing the best cat food for their felines. However, as we ventured with our journey into all things cat food, we discovered that there were many questions our viewers were seeking answers for that were not just about nutrition.

So in our Articles section, we delve into the many Cat Owner questions, together with information on cat food products that do not fit in the other areas of this website.

Check out ‘Fantastic Feline ARTICLES’ HERE!

Frequently Asked Questions

We receive many questions from viewers asking for advice, or for further information on feline nutrition or cat accessories. We generally get back to people with answers within 24 hours.

Please contact us if you have a question or comment.

Your questions give us ideas for articles that we can write for Cat Food Advisor. This helps all our viewers, as they will likely have the same burning question or problem as you.