Cat Food Appraisal Tool

Healthy or Harmful

Knowing what to look for on the ingredient’s list of cat food can be mind boggling. Many ingredients are harmful to cats. For that reason, we have developed a simple Cat Food Appraisal Tool to help our viewers find a premium food for their pet.

How to Use the Cat Food Appraisal Tool

  1. Either make a copy of our infographic shown below, or download the pdf version of it HERE.
  2. Print it out and use it as a checklist when investigating cat foods.
  3. Ingredients listed in GREEN are healthy and ingredients listed in RED are harmful.
  4. Locate the ingredients on the packaging/website.
  5. Tick the check boxes for healthy ingredients and cross ones that are harmful.
  6. The more ticks, the better the cat food will be for your cat!


cat food appraisal tool



You are most welcome to share Cat Food Advisor’s appraisal tool with your cat owner friends. Simply upload the pdf infographic to an email or post it on social media.

That way your friends will have healthy cats too!

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An Expansion of the Cat Food Appraisal Checklist/Tool

Our infographic is limited with space. We have elaborated on each of the ingredient items HERE.


Pet Food Labels

All pet foods must be correctly labelled. The ingredients listed will always be in order with the largest ingredient quantity listed first down to the smallest ingredient quantity. You can read about the labelling standards here.

When appraising cat foods using our checklist tool, it is important to understand the order in which the ingredients you are looking for are listed.

For example, you would want to see ‘real meat’ as the number #1 ingredient. If it is listed lower down, then it is likely the cat food does not contain suitable quantities of real meat for your cat.

Likewise with harmful ingredients. The product may list potatoes as an ingredient, however, if this is listed low on the list it is likely that the quantity of potato is small and therefore may not be a concern.