Pet Freebies

Whilst researching cat food products our team sometimes come across awesome freebies for pet owners. These pet freebies include product samples that you can try, competitions, promotions, or free eBooks that address questions pet owners have about their pets.

Quite often, pet freebies are given by companies to encourage people to try their products.

We have selected pet freebies we feel are worthy of our audience. Promotions usually run for short periods of time. We will keep this page updated. Our recommendation is that you bookmark this page to keep updated with free promotions.

Pet Freebies for Cat Owners

Free eBook- Cat Behavior Problems and How to Stop Them

Cat Behavior Problems And How to Solve Them Owning a cat can bring great joy, but sometimes having a cat in your home can be challenging. This book will help you with some of the most common problems that come with living with cats. Problems such as:

  • refusing to use a litter box and eliminating around the house
  • sharpening claws on the prized furniture
  • decontaminating the cat and  house of parasites
  • dealing with biting
  • bringing “gifts” dead animals into the house

This little book provides simple tricks and techniques that will make having a feline around the house a positive experience.

Download the Free eBook HERE.


Free Cat Food Appraisal Tool

Pet Freebies- Cat Food Appraisal ToolKnowing what to look for on the ingredient’s list of cat food can be mind boggling. Many ingredients are harmful to cats.

For that reason, we have developed a simple Cat Food Appraisal Tool to help our viewers find a premium food for their pet.

Use it as a checklist when reading the list of ingredients on cat food products.

Download the Free Appraisal Tool HERE.







Free Cans of Nature’s Logic Cat Food

Nature's Logic Free PromotionNature’s logic offers a 100% natural canned cat food with its first ingredient being real meat (choice of rabbit, turkey, duck, salmon) rich in taurine.  The cat food has no synthetic vitamins, it’s grain free and low in carbs. In our view, certainly worth a try!

Learn about the free cat food product HERE 

Click HERE to fill out the short form to receive a printable coupon good for two free Nature’s Logic cans of cat food.


Free Dr. Elsey’s Precious Cat Litter

Dr Elsie's Clumping Cat Litter free promotion Elsey’s Precious Cat Litter — If this is your cat’s brand, save a receipt next time, fill out the form and attach a photo of the receipt so you could get up to 40 pounds of free Dr. Elsey’s cat litter.

The promotion offers a selection of cat litter to choose from.

Click HERE.





Free eBook – Kitten How-to Guide published by Purina

Purina Kitten How-to Guide free ebookWe found this excellent little guide published by Purina providing information on nutrition and health care of kittens.

The guide is perfect for people who have a new kitten joining their family. Lots of great tips, as well as links to resources for cat owners.

Click HERE to download Kitten How-to Guide.

To learn more about Purina’s Pro-Plan Kitten formula cat food click HERE.





Free eBook- A Simple Guide to Feeding Your Cat

Pet Freebies- A Simple Guide to Feeding Your CatDr. Susan Little (Canadian Veterinary Medical Association- clinical medicine and management) editor and co-author, helps cat owners with understanding a cat’s diet by providing a diet plan guide and nutritional tips.

The 14 page practical eBook is an easy read and will leave readers better informed on the nutritional needs of cats.

A simple Guide to Feeding Your Cat is a Hill’s Science Diet publication.

Click HERE to download guide.

Start HERE to learn more about the Hills Science Cat Food products.


Free eBook- An Overview of Caring for Outdoor Cats

An Overview for Caring for Outdoor Cats- free eBookAn excellent resource published by The Humane Society of the United States.

The 27 page booklet covers all aspects of being a responsible outdoor cat owner.

The book addresses the many problems cat owners face with having cats outdoors, offering solutions and providing many resources that people can access.

Click HERE to download.


Free Cat Breed Characteristics Chart PDF

Sixty cat breeds have been represented on the Cat Breed Characteristics Chart. A summary of physical characteristics and personality characteristics are given for each breed represented on the chart , together with a colored images.

Click HERE to download.

Company Giveaways

Farmina — The company gives away free cat food (and dog food), but sometimes closes the sample request form. Bookmark the site and check back once it opens.  Click HERE.

Nutro — Select “Coupons or Samples” as a Reason for Contact, fill out the form with your information, and enter a few details about your cat as well.  Click HERE.

Young Again — Email your request for free cat food samples to info[at]youngagainpetfood[dot]com

Nupro Supplements — If you’re looking for cat supplements, you can try out Nupro Natural pet supplements by calling 800-360-3300. Click HERE.

Free eBook- Your Cat’s Nutritional Needs

Pet Freebies- Your Cat's Nutritional NeedsAn oldy, but looks to be a goody. Published in 2006. A Science-Based Guide to cat nutrition for Pet Owners.

Click HERE to download.







Final Comments

We will continue to keep this page updated. If you discover promotions and pet freebies that we could share on this page with our audience, please contact us with the details.