Can Cats Drink Cow’s Milk?

Can Cats Drink Cow Milk

Images of cats lapping a bowl of milk have created the impression that cow milk is a perfect delight for every cat. So, can cats drink cow’s milk?

While most cats crave a bit of milk, the supposed love between cats and cow milk is exaggerated.

Although kittens develop an affinity for milk in their early stage, they lose the enzyme necessary for lactose digestion as they grow older. Can cats drink cow’s milk? Here is what many nutritionists believe:

Most Cats Are Lactose Intolerant

Can Cats Drink Cow’s Milk?Many cats are lactose intolerant and become dehydrated when fed cow milk. The reason is that most cats lack the enzyme lactase, which helps them digest the lactose in milk.

After birth, kittens can maintain a sufficient level of lactase to break down sugar from breast milk into simpler particles, including galactose and glucose.

These two products are easier to absorb and do not cause much harm to the cat’s metabolism.

Unfortunately, adult cats do not have sufficient enzymes to process lactose, so the milk remains undigested in their digestive system.

When lactose intolerant cats drink milk, the undigested lactose passes through the intestinal tract absorbing water with it.

Similarly, bacteria in the colon ferment the unprocessed sugars, producing volatile fatty acids. As a result of these series of activities, the cats may develop stomach upset that may induce vomiting and diarrhea.

Other gastrointestinal issues that may affect your cat from drinking cow milk are bloating and flatulence.

Is there a difference between lactose intolerance and milk allergy?

In answering the question ‘can cats drink cow’s milk? First, you must understand the difference between lactose intolerance and milk allergy.

Your cat suffering from lactose intolerance is different from being allergic to milk. While lactose intolerance is the inability to digest lactose or milk sugar, milk allergy is a severe reaction to casein milk and several dairy products.

Although some symptoms of both conditions are the same, milk allergy comes with other symptoms such as increased shedding, skin redness, dryness, and itchy bottom.

If you observe milk allergy in your cat, do not hesitate to schedule an appointment with your vet for comprehensive tests and physical examination.

So, is cow milk healthy for kittens?

Can cats drink cow’s milk? So far, we can see that cow milk is not healthy for cats. But what about kittens?

Since kittens produce enough lactase to digest lactose, you would expect cow milk to benefit them, right? Well, the answer is a resounding no, and here is why.

Nursing kittens derive their nutrient from breast milk in the first eight to ten weeks (before they are old enough to eat solid food).

Like in most mammals, breast milk forms a crucial part of the kitten’s diet and is highly beneficial for their growth. However, milk from another animal species at this stage is way too strong for the kittens developing digestive system.

Cow milk contains a high amount of lactose, casein, and fat that may be too difficult for them to process and can cause:

  • Obesity
  • Diabetes
  • Gastrointestinal problems
  • Food allergy development
  • Heart, kidney, or liver disease

Also, note that cow milk contains high sugar and fat and is not as nutritious as adult cat milk or specialized kitten formulas.

Can my cat die from drinking too much cow milk?

Most feline owners often look for the best ways to feed and nurture their cats. Aside from the question of can my cat drink cow milk? Many cat owners want to know if their cats can die from drinking too much cow milk.

Although lactose intolerance is a problem for many cats, it is not life-threatening. However, your cat could suffer from indigestion which may be severe or mild.

Generally, symptoms may manifest within 8 to 12 hours after consumption. However, if the symptoms persist after a day, you should schedule a visit with a veterinarian as there might be a more severe cause of indigestion.

Cats are predatory animals, and as such, their metabolism is not built to process high amounts of sugar.

Feeding cow milk to your cat could have a long-term effect on her health. A cat’s diet high in carbs could result in several conditions, including diabetes, obesity, intestinal blockage, pancreatic disease, liver, and kidney failure.

What type of milk can my cat drink?

Can cats drink cow’s milk? No. So the question is, what type of milk is suitable for my cat. The following are some types of milk you can give to your cat;

1.      Kitten milk replacer (KMR)

Kitten milk replacer is a unique cat milk formula available in pet stores. It contains less lactase which reduces the likelihood of your cat falling sick.

KMR comes in canned and powdered forms. Note that unique cat milk formula contains a high amount of fat.

So, it would help if you offered it in small quantities to your pet or as an occasional treat.

2.      Goat milk

Goat milk contains less lactose than cow milk, so it is easier for cats to digest it. Similarly, goat milk has less fat than cow milk.

However, it would be best if you serve your cat with limited amounts to prevent any medical condition resulting from a high-fat diet.

3.      Almond milk

Almonds are not toxic to cats. As a result, you can safely give your cat almond milk. However, you must note that almond milk has a high-calorie content and should be given to your cat in limited quantities.

4.      Soy milk

Soy milk is also perfect for cats as it is a good protein source. Milk made from soy can be found in many cat food stores and supermarkets.

The main problem with soy milk is that it is a leading food allergen in many pet food. As a result, it should not be given to cats with food allergies.

4 Milk alternatives for your cat or kitten

Goats Milk for CatsThe Honest Kitchen Dehydrated Goat's Milk 12 pkHuman grade
No GMO, preservatives or by-products
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Whiskas CatmilkWhiskas CatmilkBeef flavor
Protein rich
98% reduced lactose
Vitamin enriched
Dehydrated cows milk base
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KMR Kitten Milk Replacer PetAg KMR Kitten Milk Replacer Milk Powder Formula Newborn to 6 WeeksPrebiotics probiotics
Complete diet
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Tailspring Milk Replacer LiquidTailspring Milk Replacer for Kittens in Liquid FormNo mixing
Goat milk base
Human grade
No preservatives or artificials
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Best way to feed your cat milk

Dairy products should only be used as occasional treats for your cat. An average-sized house cat should consume about 200 calories per day. Therefore, any treatment should not exceed 10% of the daily requirement.

Conclusion- Can cats drink cow’s milk?

Although milk is not lethal to cats, it should be given only in moderate quantities.

If your cat experiences stomach upset, vomiting and diarrhea, they are likely lactose intolerant, and you should discontinue feeding it milk.

So, cats cannot drink cows milk, but can they eat chocolate? That’s the topic for our next article.

Is Wet Food Bad For Cats Teeth?

is wet cat food bad for cats teeth

Although cats do not show signs of oral discomfort, paying proper attention to your cat’s dental health is vital. So, is wet food bad for cats teeth? This article addresses the dental health of cats and the meals your cat can eat.

Cats may put up some abnormal misbehaviors such as dropping food and head shyness. These acts could indicate that your cat is experiencing a dental problem.

Several factors may influence the risk of cats developing dental health issues. So you must pay utmost attention to your cat’s oral health for overall well-being.

So before we answer the question, is wet food bad for a cat’s teeth? First, let’s take a brief look at their dental structure.

Understanding the cat’s dental structure

Food Bad for Cats Teeth

The cat’s teeth are mainly designed for holding and killing small prey animals. Therefore, they are not very efficient in chewing and grinding food.

The cat’s upper and lower jaw has three pairs of incisors and elongated and laterally compressed canine teeth.

The cat uses it for grooming and tearing the prey, while the canines are designed for grasping and killing. Cats have three pairs of upper and two pairs of lower premolars.

It also has one pair of upper premolars and another pair of lower premolars. The back molars are typically flat and are used for cutting food into small pieces before swallowing.

Cats rarely use their molars for masticating food as they are known for consuming bites of food with little or no chewing.

Diet and oral health in cats

One main dental issue cat experiences are periodontal disease or gum disease. Cat’s periodontal diseases begin with saliva, food, and bacteria accumulating on the surface of the teeth and forming a sticky substance known as plaque.

This causes gum irritation that can lead to an inflammatory condition called gingivitis. Gingivitis is a condition associated with the reddening of the gums directly bordering the teeth.

As the condition advances, the cat will have moderate to severe redness in their gums, irregular gum surfaces and plaque, and calculus under their gums.

Other symptoms of gingivitis are bad breath, difficulty eating, and extensive loss of teeth due to the destruction of the structures that support them.

Wet food Vs. Dry food

Wet food is canned food, usually pre-measured. They contain real meat and vegetables with high amounts of water.

The high moisture content of wet food helps keep your cat from getting thirsty, which is suitable for dealing with kidney and urinary tract problems.

On the other hand, dry food refers to processed food that comes in large packages and is mainly purchased from supermarkets. Dry cat food has a higher amount of carbohydrates than wet food.

·         Is wet food bad for cats teeth?

One general misconception held by many cat lovers is that wet food is bad for cats’ teeth.

Although most experts recommend dry food for good dental health in cats, no evidence suggests that wet food is bad for your cat’s oral health.

The high moisture content in wet food, such as raw meat, may help the surface of the teeth during gnawing and chewing. This action helps in preventing the accumulation of plaque and tartar.

So, feeding your cat raw meaty bones is equivalent to standard dental brushing and cleaning.

·         Is dry food better than wet food for a cat’s teeth?

Some experts believe dry food is better for a cat’s teeth than wet food. Their submission goes that dry food leaves minimal residue in the mouth for oral bacteria to feed on, leading to a slow rate of plaque accumulation.

This thought also suggests that chewing dry food helps clean debris from the cat’s teeth, reducing dental health issues.

In reality, most cats do not necessarily chew dry food; they swallow it whole. Cats would need to contract their teeth to affect tartar accumulation.

A Factor predisposing cats to dental health problems

Is Wet Food Bad For Cats Teeth

Aside from diet, tooth alignment can predispose cats to oral health issues.

Tooth alignment

The position or alignment of your cat’s teeth may predispose them to dental problems.

Cats with abnormally positioned teeth are more likely to suffer plaque and tartar build-up.

The reason is that misaligned teeth are not cleaned by the natural abrasion that occurs when food is eaten and chewed.

The following are reasons for misalignment in the cat’s teeth;

  • Breed: Cat breeds such as Chinchillas, British and Exotic breeds are known for having poorly aligned teeth.
  • Genetic abnormalities and trauma: A cat’s jaws may have an abnormal shape due to congenital abnormality or possibly due to trauma.
  • Deciduous tooth retention: Some cats may have deciduous teeth (milk teeth) that remain retained after the permanent teeth erupt.
  • Infectious disease: This is due to several infectious diseases, such as feline immunodeficiency virus (FIV) infection and feline leukemia virus (FeLV) infection, or feline calicivirus (FCV). FIV and FeLV can predispose cats to periodontal disease and gingivitis.

Wet food vs. Dry Food: Which is best for my cat’s dental health?

The main difference between wet and dry food is the moisture content. Cats need a good amount of moisture for their overall well-being.

Similarly, wet food such as raw meat may help with dental problems. Therefore, ensure you choose high-quality wet food for feeding your cat at all times.

Tips for managing your cat’s dental health

Best Cat Chew Toys- Catnip organic silver vine chew sticksYour cat, as a carnivore, requires clean, strong, and sharp teeth. As a result, the following tips are vital for your cat’s oral health;

  • Ensure you take your cats for periodic dental checks. Your vet would conduct a detailed oral exam and x -rays to identify possible issues under the gum line. A complete cleaning under your cat’s gum line may be carried out to prevent periodontal disease. Your vet may also perform a scaling exercise to remove plaque and tartar accumulation on the crown.
  • Brush your cat’s teeth regularly. Ensure you use the toothpaste and a toothbrush designed for cats.
  • Provide your cat with a chew toy designed to help with pet dental hygiene.

 Final Thoughts- Is wet food bad for cats teeth?

No evidence suggests that wet food is bad for cats’ teeth. While wet food may have shortcomings, it helps improve your feline friend’s overall health and well-being.


Best Cat Food for UTI Health

Best cat food for uti health

In this article we Discuss Urinary Matters in Cats and Review the Best Cat Food for UTI health.

The health of our cats is essential!

With proper care, a cat can live for a long time without having health challenges; however, there are times when they undergo issues beyond our reach. One of such health issues is the urinary tract infection which puts your cats in considerable discomfort.

This would lead to them frequenting the litter box with lots of whining and cries of pain. Watching your cat undergo this can be alarming, and a visit to the vet is crucial.

The veterinarian may put your cat on a prescription to tackle the health issue; however, there are circumstances when adjusting their meal would be the trick required.

Now, cat food manufacturers have produced some of the best cat food for UTI health. So, what does the UTI entail, and how can you help reduce the pain your cat is undergoing. In this post, we would shed light and try to guide you through the recovery process.

2 Best Cat Foods for UTI Health- Quick Review (Full Review Later)

ProductCustomer Average RatingFeaturesPrice AMAZONPrice CHEWY
Royal Canin Urinary SO Wet Cat FoodRoyal Canin Veterinary Diet Wet Food4.4 STARSTackles struvite stones
Helps urinary ease
Eradicates crystals
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Wysong Uretic Dry Cat FoodWysong Uretic Dry Cood4.3 STARSQuality ingredients
Urinary health inclined
Chicken meat
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What is Urinary and UTI health?

When we talk about UTI health, we talk about all that encompasses the health of your cats’ urinary system. UTI, an abbreviation for urinary tract infection, is a painful infection that gives so much discomfort to your cats and causes lots of obvious pain.

This kind of infection affects the urethra, kidneys, and bladders. When not correctly checked, it could lead to other health complications over time. A veterinarian has to run tests on your cat to give an adequate diagnosis.

Signs a Cat has issues with UTI

Cat owners who don’t pay attention would not quickly identify that their cat has contracted urinary tract infection, as the signs aren’t obvious. However, if you pay attention, you can easily notice the tell-tale signs due to the cat’s pain during urination. However, for those who are relatively new to raising cats, the symptoms of UTI are as follows;

  • Avoiding the litter box
  • Pain during urination
  • Whining and crying during urination
  • Licking of areas around urine
  • Constant urination

Once you see all or any of these signs, it is imperative to contact a veterinarian to begin the treatment process.

Urinary support wet cat food

Ways to help cats with UTI

When your cat has been diagnosed with a UTI, you must take active measures to ensure that your cat is well treated.

After the vet diagnosis your cat with UTI, they go-ahead to prescribe an antibiotic to help ease the pain and make the urinary process easier. It is also essential to be there for your cat, as the pain can be bearable with a bit of attention.

Also, ensure that your cat takes the full dose administered as the bacteria could return if your cat fails to do so. Also, some cat foods help combat UTI. Keep reading to know some of the best cat food for UTI health.

What Cat Food Ingredients Causes UTI

Food plays a vital role in the digestion and overall well-being of your cat. However, some meals can also be detrimental and cause infections such as UTIs. To avoid cases like this where crystals could develop in your cat, causing irritation and pain, you have to pay attention to the kind of meal your cat consumes.

Many people ask what could be the leading cause of such issues, such as UTI; well, some ingredients could cause such infections. Minerals such as Calcium, Phosphorus, and Magnes6 are some of such ingredients in cat food. Some ingredients raise the pH of the cat’s body which could lead to increased acidity hence upscaling the balance required to stop bacteria formation.

Treating your Cat with UTI

Once you have noticed UTI symptoms in your cat, you must understand that the process to recovery can be a tough one that you need to undertake religiously. Different types of methods exist to treat such infections, and what works for each cat varies.

Some people treat their cat’s UTI at home with home remedies, and these have been seen to work, while others have to consult the services of a vet for a more direct approach. So whichever you choose should be better understood to ensure the safety of your feline.

  • angels' eyes uti health soft chews for catsApple Cider Vinegar: For a long time, apple cider vinegar has been a remedy used to tackle the pH level, which could be a significant factor in bacteria formation. You can add this vinegar remedy to your cat’s meal, and half a teaspoon should be good enough in the long run. This remedy is suitable when the alkaline level of your cat’s urine is way high.
  • Marshmallow Roots: Mucilage, found in Marshmallow roots, is a factor that also aids the easing of the urinary infection, as it calms the pain of the membrane of the bladder. This is another homemade remedy that could save you the trip to a vet.
  • Bone Broth
  • Glucosamine and Chondroitin
  • Cranberries

How to know if your cat has crystals in its urine?

Crystals are a painful occurrence accumulated in the bladder due to several stony collections of crystals and minerals. When your cat has these crystals, the results are easily noticeable, as their symptoms are painful. So to know when your cat has this infection, you would notice the following symptoms:

  • Blood in the urine
  • Genital licking
  • Urine spraying
  • Urinating everywhere
  • Painful urination

Best Cat Food for UTI health

Royal Canin Veterinary Diet

Royal Canin Veterinary Diet Urinary SO Moderate Calorie Morsels in Gravy Canned Cat Food, 3-oz, case of 24The Royal Canin Veterinary Diet is a wet cat food manufactured to help cats tackle symptoms and causes of urinary infections. This meal helps tackle the formation of crystals in the bladder, which could cause pain and unease.

With constant usage, the urine your cat produces is now increased and gives them a chance to ward off the infection.

[su_row][su_column size=”1/2″][su_box title=’Pros’ box_color=’#009906′ radius=’0′][su_list icon=”icon: check” icon_color=’#009906′]

  • Tackles the production of struvite stones
  • Helps with urinary ease
  • Eradicates the production of crystals in the bladder
  • Requires Vet authorization


[su_column size=”1/2″][su_box title=’Cons’ box_color=’#bf000a’ radius=’0′][su_list icon=”icon: ban” icon_color=’#bf000a’]

  • Unwelcoming odor


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Wysong Uretic

Wysong Uretic Dry Cat Food, 5-lb bag

The Wysong Uretic is a dry cat food meant for tackling urinary health issues in your cats. This product is an excellent pick for palatability and formulation, as the ingredients used are well balanced.

The protein and fat in this meal keep the cat wanting more while still tackling urinary health issues.

[su_row][su_column size=”1/2″][su_box title=’Pros’ box_color=’#009906′ radius=’0′][su_list icon=”icon: check” icon_color=’#009906′]

  • Quality ingredients
  • Urinary health inclined
  • Chicken Meat


[su_column size=”1/2″][su_box title=’Cons’ box_color=’#bf000a’ radius=’0′][su_list icon=”icon: ban” icon_color=’#bf000a’]

  • Some cats don’t like the taste of this meal


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Conclusion- Best Cat Food for UTI Health

Choosing the best cat food for UTI is essential as it helps your felines live a more convenient and balanced lifestyle. The composition help tackle the symptoms and gives them a great chance of battling the infection.

UTI infections in cats is quite common and easy to diagnose. However, if you find that your cat doesn’t display the symptoms of a UTI infection, it is possible they may have an illness called feline interstitial cystitis


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